EZ Street Works in Water

EZ Street Premium Cold Asphalt Works in Water and ALL Weather

EZ Street Works Better, Even in Standing Water

Potholes and water puddles - these two things often go together, in part because most potholes form as a result of moisture, especially where it tends to accumulate in low spots. Motorists driving through puddles never know when a 9-inch pothole might loom below.

Complicating matters further, hot mix asphalt cannot effectively tack in standing water. Road maintenance crews must painstakingly use extra time to clear potholes of moisture - or wait until weather conditions dry them out. The hot mix fix is rarely expected to last more than a few months.

EZ Street asphalt works in standing water, and will last for the life of the road. The modified polymer mix does not even require a tack coat - simply lay it in and the water is displaced. EZ Street saves time in application, it enables fix-it-anytime scheduling and it provides a permanent fix.

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