Guaranteed Permanent

EZ Street cold asphalt is guaranteed permanent

Boston’s weather includes 127 days per year of precipitation and 97 days where the temperatures go below freezing. Water and freezing are what create most potholes. The rest of New England fares about the same. Every spring there is a bumper crop of potholes!

EZ Street cold asphalt is a permanent solution. Its polymer-modified asphalt that can be applied directly into standing water and can be applied in ALL weather conditions (including those 97 days below freezing). When you repair a pothole, utility cut, or other pavement failure with EZ Street, it will remain in place for the life of that road, often outlasting the surrounding hot asphalt.

So bring on the rain, sleet, snow flurries - even a Nor’easter (not to mention heavy traffic). EZ Street is ready for the challenge.

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Permanent Asphalt Repair for New England

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